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Agathe sessions 1 on 1 or in a small group are incredible. She is very supportive and encouraging. And I laugh a lot whilst pushing myself to the limit. I've suffered from headaches and tight shoulders for years. I recently discovered Agathe's stretch and strength classes and they have helped so much. A long term fix rather than short term massage fix. My posture and has improved as has my horse riding!

Amalie, Aberfeldy

Just a brief note to say " thanks so much" for arranging the one-to-one sessions for me. This individual attention works perfectly in being able to focus on my  particular needs. I enjoy this immensely and I am very grateful to you for the obvious achievements and  benefits I am feeling as a result of this. 

Mrs D, Perth

Agathe is fantastic and very supportive. I started her stretch and strengthen class not long after having my daughter. She was aware of what I could and couldn't do and made sure I didn't do anything that would hurt. There was lots of laughter when I couldn't get back up with the pilates ball but I got there after 5 weeks or so. A very encouraging class with lots of fun and made to feel very comfortable whatever your fitness level. Highly recommended!

Aurelia, Kinloch Rannoch

I went to chiropractors and physios for years to work on my weird shoulder and hip problems and I always received very standard and only moderately-useful advice. Then I was referred to Agathe for strength training, and she is the only person I’ve ever gone to for these issues who really worked with me muscle-by-muscle to figure out my weird issues. She taught me individualized stretches and strengthening exercises for all my weird problems, and was a wonderful teacher and coach along the way. She’s amazing, and brilliant, and so easy to get along with, and is absolutely worth every penny! Do yourself a favor and give her a try! She’s lifechanging, honestly.

Meg D, Edinburgh


Agathe is inspiring with a great mix of encouragement and sense of fun. She knows exactly how hard to push while keeping sessions enjoyable. I love my workout and feel taller after each session. Making great progress. 

Anna C, Aberfeldy

Agathe Girard is a great teacher and a lot of fun.

Paula H, Blairgowrie

The classes are very welcoming and friendly. I enjoy the range of exercises and find it a fun way to keep fit.

Elspeth P, Kinloch Rannoch

Lovely lady, very patient, great sense of humour. She will inspire you to be better in every way.

Alistair H, Edinburgh

From Zumba to Stretch and Strengthen Agathe uses her obvious professionalism to deliver a range of exercises to match the participant's expertise and level. Each class is delivered with enthusiasm and skill and lots of good humour! We are lucky to have her.

Mary J, Kinloch Rannoch

I've been going to Agathe's stretch and strength classes for a few months. They are fun and light hearted, but I can see the differences already! Definitely feel better, lighter and more relaxed for the rest of the day. 

Tory B, Blairgowrie

Agathe's dance class at Birnam is the most joyous time of my week. We learn, laugh and stretch our brains as much as our bodies. We're a very happy group from utter novices to those with dance/ ballet experience. Agathe's amazing musical choices are the basis  of our different routines which evolve organically with the music. Agathe's joy in dance flows into all of us. A happy place to be in every sense.

Anne B, Birnam

Agathe's French  conversation class is a delightful weekly experience.   Not only does it allow the opportunity to attempt chat in another language, it is also a uniquely happy session, with lots of laughter.   Agathe manages to provide opportunities for everyone to contribute, whatever their level of experience or ability. Beautiful language and great teacher!

Joyce M, Birnam

I've been going to S&S for about 9 months & feel much better for this weekly class. The stretch & strengthen exercises really do this over time which improves mobility & strengthens muscles which have become lazy & flabby! The classes are lighthearted, relaxed & fun but provide a good workout interspersed with laughter! We are of different abilities but are encouraged to push ourselves where possible & yet only do what we're able depending on previous injuries or disabilities due to operations.



Hello, my name is Agathe (pronounced A-gat)! Born in France, I moved to Scotland in 2000.

As a Contemporary dancer, over the years, I have developed a deep, hands on understanding of the body. My personal practise of body conditioning, pilates and yoga for many years has given me further insight as well as different perspectives from which to observe and learn from. In my sessions, I use a combination of exercises best suited for the needs of the client I work with and so I rarely stick to one particular technique.

In my teaching, one of my key messages is efficiency and concentration without tension - Understanding how to exercise in a mindful and powerful way will free up your body and lead to more effective results for each exercise.


I am passionate about helping people build a deeper understanding of their body and how to exercise in a sound, effective and safe manner - this approach empowers my clients and also assists in injury prevention, as well as increasing wellbeing.

More about my approach in this interview I gave to Small City, Big Personality, Gary Henderson by in October 2017. 


In my group classes, I create a unique combination of exercises to stretch and strengthen the whole body, with a strong emphasis on core strength, alignment and posture. 

From learning to engage your core muscles to core strengthening, increasing power in the legs, strengthening the ankles, spine mobility, freeing up the shoulders, strengthening the hips, improving balance, practising deep stretches... and much more!

I run group classes in blocks to assist with progress week on week. 

From beginners to advanced level, you can be assured to increase your overall flexibility, strength and body awareness.



During your first one to one session, we will discuss your situation, what you hope to gain from the sessions and establish a plan to help you reach your end goal. I will guide you through exercises aimed at assessing your posture, overall strength and flexibility. At the end of this initial consultation, your session plan going forward will be agreed. 


Whether you have a limitation (e.g. injury, reduced mobility) or a fully functioning body, I will help you work at your full potential. Exercises may be on the mat, seated on a chair, seated on a ball, working with weights, working with a resistance tube, or simply using your own body weight and resistance - whatever is needed and necessary.



From latin rhythms to Contemporary, I love many types of dance. I practised ballet until I was in my twenties then trained in Contemporary Dance. I was a Zumba instructor for 5 years and discovered the joys of samba and salsa! 


I love choreography too so whether you want to learn the basics of salsa, understand the technique of Contemporary Dance  or get a full choreography for a special event, I can help you! 


Want to learn a dance routine for a special occasion? A hen party? A special birthday?


Dance parties are great fun! You choose the music and I take care of the rest.


Service offered for kids and adults! 

1.5 hours minimum, in your home or local village hall!


Just for fun!
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