We have moved online...

Now is the time to get fitter than ever and I am here to help.

I have started running LIVE virtual classes online, on ZOOM. You can choose from seated Stretch & Strengthen, Gentle mat-based Stretch & Strengthen or more advanced exercise classes.

All group classes are exactly 40min long and limited to 6 participants.

I also offer one to one sessions which are the usual 60min long, by appointment.

In order to participate to an online class, you'll need to:

  • Set up ZOOM - here is how: Sign up and set yourself a free account on https://zoom.us. Once you've downloaded the ZOOM app, open it on your desktop and Sign in. If you had a scheduled class or appointment, all you would need to do is click on a link I would send you so you can join.

  • Prepare your room and camera: have your mat ready and any other equipment you may need (I will tell you in advance what you need). IMPORTANT: I need to be able to see you when you're standing as well as lying on your mat so make sure you position your camera correctly! It took me a few attempts but I have it sorted now :-)

All live virtual classes (groups and one to one) are by donation. Please don't go too crazy on how much you give ;-))

Want more information or book a class? Get in touch!