Live classes on Zoom

​Here is the NEW timetable running from Monday 30th August to Friday 29th October 2021:


6pm Stretch & Strengthen with exercise ball 

This can be quite a demanding class but energising too!


5.15pm Ball Bounce Workout

This class is fun but don't under-estimate the power of the bounce! It's harder than you think!

7pm Gentle Stretches & Relaxation 

Gentle chair based stretches followed by a guided relaxation. Ideal to switch off and loose yourself... 



5.15pm Steps Aerobics 

All levels welcome. Different combinations of steps each time. A great music-led cardio workout!



8.30am Stretch & Strengthen (no equipment)

Ideal to wrap up a busy week and get ready for the weekend!


All group classes are exactly 40min long.


4 classes a week = £90 for the whole block (9 weeks)
3 classes a week = £81
2 classes a week = £63
1 classes a week = £36

Once you've committed to a given number of weekly classes, you will be able to chop and change which classes you attend so you can suit your availability :-)